SRM unlocks value for rights holders across sport and entertainment through commercial, creative and technological innovation.


We enable rights holders to maximise the return from their commercial rights.

We do this through:

  • Fusing technology with commercial rights for the creation of new value
  • International rights representation and sales
  • Commercial asset restructuring
  • Strategically navigating complex stakeholder relationships
  • Monetising major events and live experiences
  • Opening up new international markets
  • Leveraging our network across multiple industries and territories
  • Focusing on high value transactions
  • New rights discovery and analysis

who we work with

Rights Holders

SRM works with international rights holders on commercial rights creation, representation and monetisation. In our short history, SRM has secured tens of millions of dollars in partnership revenue for our clients, through forensic commercial rights review and a highly strategic and articulate approach to market. Further, we work with rights holders on strategies to expand into new territories, identify new revenue streams and assess new technology solutions to drive their business forward.


SRM’s extensive network and direct experience across high value, complex transactions allows us deliver unique insights and value to investors.

SRM assists investors on both the buy and sell side to identify commercial value, navigate the relevant stakeholder and market landscapes, and provide forensic, industry-specific advice that allow our clients to make informed, advantageous decisions.

Rights Creators

An important pillar of SRM’s business is the creation of new rights and opportunities, and working with world class people to bring innovative and entrepreneurial ideas to life – in a commercially sustainable way.

We build go-to-market strategies, identify and negotiate with key partners and develop viable business models to ensure success.


Unrivalled experience in global rights ownership in the sport and entertainment sectors.

Charles Garland - Founder

Charles co-founded Sports Rights Management following a career spanning both brand marketing and the entertainment industry.

He has worked with some of the world’s top talent and entertainment properties, including Brand Beckham, X Factor, Got Talent and One Direction.

Charles knows content, he knows brands and knows rights holders.


Mark Brittain - CEO

Throughout his career, Mark has spearheaded the commercialisation of some of the most iconic entertainment formats and sporting stars in the world.

Before being appointed as SRM’s first-ever CEO, Mark held senior commercial roles at Gfinity, Syco and 19 Entertainment where he worked across multiple commercial platforms including broadcast, digital, social media, live, touring, licensing, gaming and talent management.


Judith Griggs - Founder

Prior to founding SRM, Judith spent 27 years in Formula 1®, developing an exhaustive knowledge of commercial rights strategy and monetisation, and international stakeholder management.

Her executive level knowledge of one of the world’s few truly global sports provides Judith with an intimate understanding of how to drive commercial success.

Judith has strong international relationships and is known and respected for her experience dealing with venues, rights holders, promoters, governments and investment groups across the world.